We train smart people to succeed in traction roles at high-growth startups.

“I learned more in 3 months at Tradecraft than I did in 3 years of law school.”

Ariane Mohamadi, Tradecraft Alum

What is Tradecraft? The fastest way to break into the startup community.

Tradecraft is a full time, in-person immersive training program for people who want to work in startups. The program has been designed by industry leading experts to ensure that you graduate with both the depth and breadth of knowledge you’ll need to make meaningful contributions on your first day at a high-growth startup. Once you select your vertical focus you will work with a large group of world-class mentors and a small group of inspiring peers to learn new skills while doing real work for real companies.



You will learn the hard and soft skills you’ll need to thrive in the startup community.


You will graduate with more real-world experience than any HR person expects of an entry-level hire.


You will establish valuable relationships with industry leaders and peers.


Your experience with Tradecraft, and our support, will not end until you have a job in the field.


Core Skills, Cross Functional Exposure and Deep Vertical Expertise

To be great at any of the traction verticals, you need to understand both human behavior and the general mechanics of tech businesses. That's why, in addition to their chosen vertical, Tradecraft students build foundational knowledge in key social & business areas as well as cross-functional knowledge in the other two tracks. Here is a limited sample of both the hard and soft skills you will learn at Tradecraft:


Product Design
  • Customer Development
  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Content & Copy
  • Experimentation
  • Research
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Copywriting
Sales & BD
  • Persuasion & Influence
  • Customer Development
  • Business Operations
  • Pipeline Management
  • Deal Crafting
  • Business Theory
  • System Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Iterating
  • Debugging
  • Scripting
  • Process Management


You will learn from the best in the business.

An unparalleled group of industry leaders and practitioners have signed on to help at Tradecraft. These are people who push the craft forward, establish industry standards and actively mentor the next generation of leaders. Your work at Tradecraft will give you the opportunity to learn from their experience, collaborate on projects, and establish meaningful relationships.

You will do real work for real companies.

There is no substitute for real-world experience. That’s why you will be required to not just work on, but lead, a number of projects for Silicon Valley companies throughout the semester. The projects will reinforce your track-specific development, provide valuable leadership opportunities and help you make more informed decisions once settled into your new job.

You will learn to adapt.

You will experience varying levels of guidance at Tradecraft. Why? Because that’s how it happens in the real world. These are rapidly changing fields, so being able to adapt and evolve is absolutely essential. That’s why our method involves everything from instructors explaining topics in great detail to assignments where you will be expected to research and teach new concepts to the class.

You will have a unique experience.

Our expectation that you can teach yourself the fundamentals allows us to offer a substantial amount of flexibility throughout the program. We will require you to learn those skills that we consider “core” to your field, but where you dive deep will depend on where you’ve been and where you want to go.





12 Weeks


60+ Hours

Per Week

San Francisco


* Financing is available for qualified students.

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